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Sometimes it happens in small increments, and sometimes it happens overnight. In retrospect, a paradigm shift looks obvious, but few see it coming. Even those that see it coming are surprised to see it arrive.

Note: The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly growing and expanding. This article's content is now outdated. For the latest content, see

Introducing Stargate, the largest Cosmos upgrade yet. Stargate will enable higher transaction throughput, cross-chain transactions, accelerate UI development, and so much more.

At a Glance

Join the Cosmos Stargate announcements channel!

If you’re running a block explorer, wallet, exchange, validator, or any other service (eg. custody provider) that depends upon the Cosmos Hub or Cosmos ecosystem, you’ll want to pay attention, because this upgrade will involve substantial changes.

  1. Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)- cross-chain transactions
  2. Protobuf Migration — blockchain performance & dev acceleration
  3. State…

Cosmos Governance February Update

  • Proposals are in the works! Sunny’s (All in Bits; Sikka) proposal to change slashing
  • GWG Month 2 community call (21 people) joined to discuss gov work sustainability
  • Participation in the Cosmos GWG exceeds Month 2 targets in all areas but one-looking for more wallet operators
  • The Cosmos ‘Community Spend Best Practices’ doc has been published with templates
  • Follow the ‘Cosmos Parameters Wiki’ and best practices development here
  • Q2 funding for governance work
  • Community discussions are happening! Some ideas for proposals
  • Interested in governance work? Join us!

The Month 1 (Jan 2020) update can be found here.

Proposals Being Drafted

There are a number…

Drafting and submitting a community-spend governance proposal is a process that takes time, attention, and involves risk. However, proposals also have the potential to enact funding for important Cosmos Hub work. Version 1.0 of the ‘Community Spend Best Practices’ documentation is intended to make community-spend proposals easier to create and more likely to be fully assessed.

Key Metrics

  • Updated key metric: staking economics — effective inflation (& rewards) lower than what’s reported
  • Mar 1 Community Pool balance ~313k ATOM
  • Mar 1 reported inflation has bottomed out at 7.00%, but it’s effectively 6.41%
  • Effective inflation is 6.41% & effective rewards rate is 8.59% (know the difference! article updated)
  • Feb 20 — slight increase in power for top validators

You can find January’s network analysis here.

Key Metrics

I take a snapshot for these metrics on the 20th day of each month.

Participating in the new wave of finance does not exempt you from the rules of the traditional systems. We get that.

Jurisdictions such as the United States mandate that income reports are based upon the day that income is earned. However, many proof of stake blockchains don’t record every transfer in the public ledger. This puts staking participants in a difficult position: how can I accurately report my staking rewards income if it’s not recorded on the blockchain?

Income reporting has been a priority from the start

Whether you’re staking ATOM on the Cosmos Hub, XTZ on Tezos, LUNA on Terra, or KAVA on the Kava network, with Figment…

Key Metrics

  • New key metrics: economics; community pool; cartel watch stats
  • Jan 29 Community Pool balance ~285k ATOM (~5k spent in January)
  • Jan 20 inflation 7.12% and rewards rate ~9.43% (know the difference!)
  • Jan 20 — Top 10 validators have lost a further 2% of voting power

Quick Takes

You can find December’s network analysis here, with links to each analysis of 2019.

Key Metrics

I’ve revised the key metrics section. In future, I’ll take a snapshot for these…

Quick Take

The main drivers of the ATOM’s value could be more than transaction fees. ATOM-holders should be able to somehow extract value related to the “assets under management” that the Cosmos Hub secures (via products like DeFi). In a world of thousands of connected blockchains, credibility could be the scarcest resource, and the Hub aims to be the most credible. Owning staked ATOMs is ownership of the Cosmos Hub, entitling ATOM stakers to set/change the rules of the Hub.

Jan 31, 2020 update:

This article may not have been clear enough. What’s the value of ATOMs besides capturing the value of…

If you’re staking KAVA on the Kava network, and you’re delegating to Figment, you can access reports for the rewards that you’ve earned. Why is this important? Tax season is upon us, and taxes for cryptocurrency are notoriously difficult.

Track Your Staking Rewards

Here’s how to do it:
First head to the Figment’s Kava page:
Then look for ‘Already Delegating?’ and enter your public address. The easiest way is via copy/paste.

Click ‘Staking Rewards Report’ to generate your individual report.

by members of the Cosmos community

Note: The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly growing and expanding. This article’s content is now outdated. For the latest content, see

Quick takes


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